Xspot 10 pack

The XSM-10 is a 10 pack of magnetic prewire device used to securely bury wire behind a wall or ceiling surface. Xspots come out through a 1 inch hole, accurate to 1/4" through 1" of wood and is re-usable. Xspot is designed to work with small gauge wire and/or multiple conductors for anything from speakers, temperature sensors to thermostats. Xspot also work very well with security motion, glass break, fire, carbon monoxide or just about any kind of wired sensors. Xspot is reusable and made from 65% recycled products, while all Xspot products are "Xspot red" for easy recognition they are also very GREEN for the environment. Ships FREE USPS Priority mail within the US in 1-3 days. International orders are given a shipping credit towards freight and taxes.
Xspot-mini 25 pack
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